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The Montreal Orchidophiles Society organizes its second Orchid Bazaar on Sunday, June 12th from noon to 4 p.m. This year, with the lifting of sanitary measures, the bazaar will be open to everyone.

During this bazaar, members are invited to come and sell, buy or exchange orchids from their collection.

Bazar vente Orchidophiles de Montréal

We all have orchids that have grown too big that we have had to divide or specimens for which we (unfortunately) do not have the right growing conditions and which do not reward us with a beautiful flowering. The bazaar will be the time to sell them or exchange them to other amateurs to make room to get the orchid that you saw in bloom during our Zoom meetings or in person and which made you dream so much.


Parking of the Sainte Louise de Marillac Church

7901 Sainte-Claire St, Montréal, QC, H1L 1W2

Access to the bazaar via the Bruxelles street


Sunday, June 12th, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.


The bazaar will take place outside (fine wetaher, bad weather) on the grounds of the Sainte Louise de Marillac church which is offered to us free of charge, but everyone must be independent by bringing a table, chair, crate of milk or simply a box to present their orchids for sale. or exchange.

Those who wish to advertise their plants to sell or to exchange can send their list of plants to, for publication on this page.

Jean-Pierre Faust and Raymond Lussier will be on hand to deliver the pre-orders they have received and offer you some beautiful specimens.


Let us know if you are interested in participating in the bazaar by sending an email to, so we can better plan the organization of this event in order to make it as user-friendly as possible.


Click on the picture to see the list of plants of the seller

Raymond Lussier
Virginie Ménard
Mélanie Picard
Henri Dupont
Alain Provost

ADRESSE : Ste-Louise-de-Marillac Church, 7901 Ste-Claire St, Montreal, H1L 1W2 

Station Honoré-Beaugrand

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